Hello guys so I'm going to be performing a winter percussion show and the front ensemble instructor who was supposed to compose my part ending up suddenly leaving.

The other instructor who instructs the drum line doesn't seem like he has much knowledge of arranging for other instruments besides the drums and the director of my school doesn't play the guitar either.

I have to compose my own part but I'm having a bit of trouble. I can hear the progression underneath the song when I listen to the vibes, xylophone & marimba but I just don't know what choices to make. I don't know whether a melody is appropriate or a reharmonization of any of the vibes is appropriate, or whether a rest is appropriate, or whether I should just play the chords underneath or whether the melody should be in top voice, mid voice, or bottom voice.

I don't want to end up ruining the show with a poor composition.

How should I define the choices I make while i'm composing?

Here is a link to the show.

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Melody's should try to be on top. The ear tends to focus on the upper voices.

Also, don't muddle the melody too much. Let it stand on it's own range depending on which instruments are playing the melody.

When horns and strings are brought into the mix that concept can also change, but that's probably something you wouldn't be able to handle because of the questions you've asked.

So keep it simple and don't complicate things to the point were the players are having trouble playing the piece unless you know that they can handle it.
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