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View Poll Results: Which fuzz, given the desired use?
Voodoo Labs Superfuzz 3 42.86%
Mini Fuzz Face 4 57.14%
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Two fuzz pedals, but there can be only one!

I've been GASing for those Mini Fuzz Faces since I saw pictures from NAMM. They're slated for "February 2013" from everything I can find, so I've been checking a bunch of sites for new fuzzboxes daily. During my check earlier today, I came across this little morsel:

US-made, much more control, and more versatility for $30 more. I like the look of it.

However as I've never tried either out extensively, and a combination of college and local stores not carrying Voodoo Labs meaning I can't A/B them, I was hoping someone on here who has could help me out.

Essentially, what I'm looking for out of it is something kind of like the vintage fuzz sounds that you hear from late 60s records and from vintage fuzzboxes where it's fat, dirty, and wonderful, and it's very clearly fuzzed, but where you can still tell what note is being played and it's not just a wall of gain. I have Muffs and other toys for those needs. I feel like the Fuzz Face is what I'm looking for, but I feel like I'll get a lot more out of the Superfuzz, and it'll be able to get it fairly close to the Fuzzface when I from the clips I've heard, but also have all those other tones for $30 more.

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i am not really a fuzz fan, but i can throw a word as far as quality goes for voodoo lab. i have had two of their pedals and have had them for quite a while. i have a Proctavia and microvibe both of which i bought used under $75 from TGP.

as far as fuzzes go, but the only fuzz pedal i have actually thought would be passable for me (again not a fuzz fan in general, but can appreciate) was a Musket Fuzz (www.blackouteffectors.com). i played with it for quite a while. nice and responsive and versatile and fuzzy.
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There is a website called gilmourish.com

It is actually a site about David Gilmour gear, but there is a very well-written section about fuzz pedals - also considering their use with a tube amp versus a solid state.

Maybe you should check that out.
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Two completely different worlds of fuzz. But it sounds like what you really want is the fuzz face.
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Voodoo mang! or amptweaker tight fuzz. You might dig that. if i needed a fuzz i would get that. Or jimi's fuzz because.....well its jimi's
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I would say go for the Fuzz Face, but as of today they've yet to announce a release date, and they said they'd be rolling them out "every other month"

So I dunno. If you could find a regular Fuzz Face used that would probably be your best bet.
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You won't like the Superfuzz if that's what you want. You're looking for a Fuzz Face or Tone Bender.
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Thinking about this... wouldn't the Hendrix sig Fuzz Face be a better fit than the 2 fuzzes listed by the TS?
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Originally Posted by ragingkitty
Thinking about this... wouldn't the Hendrix sig Fuzz Face be a better fit than the 2 fuzzes listed by the TS?

The superfuzz can easily cover any ground the Jimi fuzz can with ease and do it better. I'm going to get myself one of them eventually because its a solid pedal, I'd also plan on getting a pharroah because it sounds more modern. I havent seen the mini fuzz faces though and you need to be a bit more specific.
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