Im a ibanez RG370DX user.. (Edge Zero II tremolo)

After aligning my guitar properly and tuning it properly, whenever i try to use my tremolo like for dive bomb or whammy kind of stuffs its OUT OF TUNE ..

Its not totally out of tune but it moves slightly .

Does everyone face it ? Is it a problem ? Or im making a panic for no reason .. ?

And i want to know what is the use of the spring on the back of my guitar? what will happen if use 2 springs and what will happen if i use 3 springs ?
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Do you have a sound clip? I blocked my tremelo bar, but I do have experience with them.
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Your intonation is probably off; refer to the Floyd Rose setup guide on the top of this forum to learn how to do that.

And the springs are for tension. More springs you have, more tension the bridge has.
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Unless there's damage to the trem (f-d up knife edges, fulcrums, or bad saddles), this shouldn't happen if you have it set up right. And if you stretched your strings enough.

If you take out a spring, then there won't be enough tension and your trem will rise.

The key is that spring tension must equal string tension. Get that right and you shouldn't have to re-tune until the next string change.

It's not intonation--intonation doesn't get affected by trem use. The setup guide mentioned above still could be useful.

I don't have an hour to type the whole procedure out for you, but there's a lot of info in the setup guide thread and not all of it is useful.

Find one that includes blocking the trem while you change strings, stretch them, and tune. Before removing the blocks, you'll need to adjust the spring tension so that the trem stays level without changing the tuning. When the spring tension is correct, the guitar will still be 100% in tune before and after you remove the blocks.

It's not rocket science. You just have to learn the right way and use it. There's few good reasons to block a trem (what a waste). If you don't like the tone with the trem, then you should get a hardtail guitar and let someone have your floyd rose who will appreciate it.