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It's hard to find a great anything. That's why they're great.
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But as a bigoted lemming, you have so cry an Alinslyite slur revealing you lack of reason and sense.

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BOB 1. ur 20 and two u like evil things and idk if u worship the devil
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Because drumming is harder than not drumming.
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
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Because drums are for queer-o-sexuals

except whoomit

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Because drummers are usually, dumb, smoke pot a lot, or are incredibly lazy.

Ergo, they usually die at a young age due to natural selection.
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I've been fortunate enough to jam with some really great drummers. I haven't jammed with a bad once since I was like 15
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At least in my experience, the drums are something that are much more tedious to practice at when first starting out than the guitar is.

Also, ladies are impressed by pretty chord voicings and melodies, not rhythms. Hence, more people play guitar.

Rhythm is very underrated.
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Why don't you become the great drummer?

This is the serious answer.
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Drummers are a bitch to find, my band was together for almost 2 years and we never found a drummer. Every drummer that ever tried out wouldn't take us seriously, and we ended up playing shows without a drummer and became the laughing stock of the Fort Wayne hardcore music scene
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in my experience, bass players - aside from me - tend to make pretty solid drummers
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Because truly great drummers usually have the self-respect to not play in a band with amateurish condescending jagoffs.
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Because truly great drummers usually have the self-respect to not play in a band with amateurish condescending jagoffs.

Daaaamn that's cold.

The worst is when the drummer is the douchebag of the band.
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I'm a bluegrass musician. I don't know what a drummer is.

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Its not the people that are missing the beat, its the beat thats missing the people...

Between your post, sig, username, and avatar, you clearly are something, and it is not something particularly good.
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Shut the mother#%$& up, $^%got. You have a #$%^ing terrible muther&@$#ing taste in %#$@ing music, @&%$ing movies and %&$#ing video games. Every time I see you on the forums, you are always saying something overrated and some $@&#ing sh*t. You are just mother$^@%ing ignorant as a whole.

Get a #%$@ing life or you will get banned for life.

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Kristen is very open-minded; believes that everyone is entitled to her opinion...

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omg its better than i imagined... so dark and cozy and warm...

Read this please.
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First off kiddos: it's hard to find someone that practices drums seriously AND is competent enough to have a mortage for a house (since ya's tough to practice drums in an apartment).

Another crappy thing is their pad alway seems to become the practice space, since it's easier for everyone to lug their stuff there rather than ask a drummer to do the same. So if they do bail on a practice, everyone is ****ed.

My drummer has a hard time keeping consistent double bass above 140 bpm, and he wants to incorporate a thrash beat (that's the snare on the "and") all the time. Aside from that, he's very good for our style and remains just as passionate as me.
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Best drummer right here:

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Best drummer right here:


OT: Every band should have a robot drummer.
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I know two dudes that are in a marching band and they're pretty good. They never had any interest in being in a rock band, they just play at parades. But they both have a natural talent for tempo, etc...

I wonder how dudes in a marching band would translate as rock n'roll (or whatever type of music) band drummers. There are a lot of parade drummers in high school, college, and special orgs.

Maybe ask one of them if that desperate, I dunno?
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