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Hey guys, I was wondering can Electric Guitar Amp Buzz (not caused by the amp) be harmful to the guitar or the amp itself? The reason I say its not caused by the amp is because when i unplug the guitar cable from the input jack the buzz goes away. My guitar is a open coil humbucker. So again, I was wondering if the Electric Guitar Amp Buzz do any damage to the guitar or the amp itself?
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No, it won't hurt your guitar. It is no good for you amplifier's speaker, but your guitar will be just fine.
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As FatalGear said, nope, it wont hurt your guitar at all! If you use a distortion pedal (like I do!), then that is what is causing the buzz! I own an Epiphone Les Paul Jr (which has an open coil humbucker!), and there is no buzz whatsoever without my rig...
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check the ground (round prong on your amp cord) and also the electrical outlet. could be a bad ground. also the wiring in your guitar could cause the buzz