Hello guys, I'm posting this because I need some informations (I hope I'm in the right place)

I got a guitar from my grandparents, with no serial codes, no manufacturer name, just a plain, old guitar with a rounded body shape.

The neck is a bit smaller than usual (well if I compare it to my jackson, Ibanez or Stagg), maybe 3 or 4 millimeters and seem to be made not from one piece of wood but from a lot of slices.

The only useful information I founded so far was that japanese vintage round guitar http://guitarz.blogspot.ca/2009/05/japanese-vintage-round-guitar.html

The brother of my grandfather played it when he was young, around 20 years old, so it have at least 50 years. I think it may be homemade.

Here are some pictures, if anyone could have a clue:

Thanks in advance

Edit: I forgot to mention that it have 26 frets.
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That looks home made to me.
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Only option you have is to take off the neck and see if there are any identifiers in the neck joint. Maybe also remove the pups (Carefully) as well. Barring any of that take it to an expert to have it authenticated. With the guitar being so old the major identifiers (Brand logo) may have worn down, or been removed.
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Other than the body, all the other parts appear to be mid to late 60's Teisco guitar parts. I have a couple of guitars from that era that have no identifiable marks on them
Thanks for the replies, the next time I will change the strings I will take off the neck, and maybe open the body because it not even seems to be made with wood O.o

Edit: I forgot to mention that it got 26 frets.
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