Nice intro...a tad long depending on what I'm smoking...

1:23 - I was anticipating this and it hit the spot. Production is nice and open, good mix for a working version.

2:06 - like the guitar work here. Just wicked enough without the shred-o-rama

4:00 - What the hell just happened? Kidding it works, and I like the Who guitar coming out. Did you hurt your hand?

Overall, well done! Need some lyrics and vox and the rest is history!

Keep playin'!

If you get a chance and Mom's not around -



Thanks for a crit. The intro is long because I am planning on putting some vocals over it...hopefully that will get rid of it seeming too long. And yes, my hand hurt haha. I will crit your stuff mate!


I am actually using the EZDrummer Drumkit from Hell on this song. Mixing is so tough with it because the drums come out into one single track. And to me, the drums sound fine enough to use with out any compression except for the kick which gives me a hard time. My current guitar rig is a Line 6 POD X3 Pro. I am recording with Logic.