Right now my only option of recording is with my iPhone. I can't afford any equipment at the moment or anything, so I'd like to use my iPhone 4. I've heard many people do it, and the results aren't half bad. I mean they're not the best but they're really not too bad.

So I was wondering how I can record my guitar amp with my iPhone with as best quality as possible. Should I just use voice memo's app? I've been using it but either my positioning's wrong or something cause every single time the sound becomes either distorted (probably cause the needle goes into the red zone), but when it doesnt go into the red zone the recording seems too soft, and you can hear things like me hitting the guitar strings.

I have an AC30 if that means anything. I also would like to know if I'm playing to a backing track, how I can be listening to the backing track and my guitar, but only be RECORDING the guitar so I can put the guitar track over the backing track on the computer. And is there any way to sync it easy?

If someone can please help me maybe with a free app or even if it's just in voice memos how I can record from my amp .. would be MUCH appreciated.


PS: With the recording I was planning to:
1. Put the track in front of a backing track on the computer
2. Demos of my songs (guitar only)
3. Covers of songs
The best possible quality on an iphone is still going to be awful.

You are aware of that right?
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Was expecting the iRig to be the answer, but according to this review it doesn't actually record:
Something like that will be the answer though.

Normally I'd say mic'ing your amp would be better than using sims, but if you're trying to do it on a phone instead of purchasing proper recording equipment I suspect you'll be far better off using an app to get as close as possible to the sound you're after.
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You can do a lot with an iPhone if you want to spend some $$$ (which nobody ever wants to).

If you buy one of these and a SM57, you can record very useable guitar tones, even for an album. Plus, you have the added benefit of it also being a solid USB interface for home studio use. You can use the Garageband app (which is like $5). You can import the session straight from your iPhone into Garageband and I believe you can dump the raw guitar sound out to either Mac or PC.

Other than that, you're either looking at spending a lot more money or buying something that kinda works but doesn't.
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