Hi Guys! This is my last work on my bass, i'd like to add some drums, but it's quite hard for me transcribe that kinda of beat (bossa, jazzy stuffs)

In the first place, it starts as a rare thing, then lightly comes to jazz and then you can find a new wave fusion with some bossa nova.

Well, i wait for your opinions Remenber, c4c..
Bossa for Her.gp5
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I liked that quite a bit. Usually solo pieces are a bit dull to me, but this was a really relaxing piece, I'd love to hear it played in front of me by you rather than listening to the MIDI version.
Honestly, I don't even think it needs drums the way it is. Arranged for bass this works very nicely. What you could do is make a new version and arrange it for full band, taking some of the complexities off bass and putting them on other instruments for a full-band kind of feel. You'd need to change up the timings quite a bit for that because right now it has the drive of a solo piece where it's only one guy leading the flow of the music. But that's just the nature of solo pieces.

This would sound especially great on a fretless bass, by the way. I love the harmonics in the "Bossa for Her" section. Beautiful touch.

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really like the chord progression and the phrasing. the extended phrases were done well, it kept a pretty constant rhythmic theme that really accented where they started and ended. makes it much easier to listen to and hear vs. a constant stream of notes. which is important considering there aren't any drums or other instruments backing it.

the out of key notes sounded strange to me at first. i gave it a couple more listens though and i can hear what you intended a lot better now. like the guy above me said i think it would work better with a full band backing it while setting the foundation for the chromatic notes. but it would still sound nice solo.

the MIDI also does sound kind of unnatural, it seems like you kind of used some of the weird time signatures and notes to simulate the fermatas and human phrasing/expression. i know that if a person was playing this it would sound a lot smoother and fluid, would definitely like to hear in real life vs. a on computer.

i know i pretty much said what the other guy said haha, but if you could crit this i would appreciate it: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1584114
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