Poll: Mayonnaise or Cookie in Sauce?
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22 17%
Snickerdoodle in pizza sauce
70 55%
Poll is stupid/TS is knob
35 28%
Voters: 127.
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I like mayonnaise in a sandwich with other things, or as a salad dressing, but i couldn't eat a spoonful of it, so i would go for the second one.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
I get mayo, but could someone please explain a snickerdoodle and pizza sauce please. I could Google but I want descriptions from people who've ate them.

Unless by pizza sauce you mean tomato with a few herbs?
Why does everyone hate mayonnaise?
I've eaten a whole jar straight before, it was like part of a sandwich
bitches got no taste
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Why does everyone hate mayonnaise?
I've eaten a whole jar straight before, it was like part of a sandwich
bitches got no taste

strait mayo
Heinz brand mayonnaise contains 1 and half bottles of vegetable oil, bottles this size.

For a jar of mayonnaise.

1 and a half bottles of vegetable oil, for 1 jar...

Put me off for life, I saw mayonnaise get made to Heinz specifications live once, some celebrity chef at the Ideal Home Exhibition in the 90's, was a kid, knowing it had all that oil in it put me off for life.
It makes me sick just thinking about it,
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I voted mayonnaise. Because it's good for you.

References: Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time (in Swenglish)
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A biscuit dipped in pizza sauce sounds GROSS.
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This is all you need. Put it on anything you think might be bland, or if you just want something that's hot and will improve the taste without overpowering it. Best on chicken and ramen or pho, and teriyaki, in my opinion.

Where I'm from, we call that stuff "Hot Cock Sauce"

I love Hot Cock Sauce.
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Snickerdoodle in pizza sauce because I like both of those things and mayonnaise is disgusting.

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