So i recently purchased a Zoom G1XNext because i'm pretty dirt poor and it looked like a really good deal ($70 on amazon [forbidden link]. The brand had been suggested to me by a mentor/friend and he said he had owned a G1XN at one point and it was pretty good for him (He's since upgraded to a Zoom G3).

i got the pedal in once and hooked it up in my grandma's basement where all of my drums and other instruments usually are and as soon as i flipped on my amp there was this terrible static noise. I checked the cables, checked my guitar and even tried it on a different amp and battery power and i was still getting the same problem. I got a replacement and had the same problem. So i took it over to my friend's who currently makes his living off of fixing and customizing guitars and we hooked it all up in his apartment.

We first hooked it into his amp using my chords and it worked fine. We then tested it on my amp and once again it worked fine, in fact it had the best sound out of any muti-effect processor i'd ever used especially for the price i bought it for. So tonight i decided i'd set it up in my bedroom. I live in a one story house that's made of metal (yes metal, it's called a lustron home look it up). I put in headphones because it was late and when i had plugged in my guitar and switched everything on there was a loud static noise again.

So my question is, could it be that sensitive to electric current or any other environmental factors? Is there any way to get the noise to go away? i mean if i'm playing a gig somewhere i can't really choose what kind of environment i'm playing in. does anyone have any ideas of what could be going on and how i could fix the problem?

Thanks a ton in advanced