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can I connect pedals like distortions and delays and stuff to the saffire so it would be like this

so I can get the tone out of the pedals not the DAW
can I?
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Yes, although you'll probably still want to use an amp & cab simulator as they're as much a part of your tone as your pedals are.

If you already have the tone you're after out of your amp, you might want to use a mic to record it rather than going direct.
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thanks but sorry for my ignorance, what do you mean by amp and cab simulator? the VSt or DAw like reaper or something? if I can connect pedals as you said to the usb audio interface, can I do it with inerfaces other than saffire? like line 6 studio GX guitar port?
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VST Amp Simulators, we have a sticky on it.

You can connect pedals but its not advised unless its something like a Wah or Whammy pedal where you actually need to control the settings of it as you play. The quality in the tone is pretty shitty from just the pedals (unless you're using like a Floor Pod with its built in amp sims) and running a pedal before an Amp Sim doesn't give results similar to a real amp with the pedal before it.

Also, don't waste your money on the Line 6 Studio GX, UX1 or UX2, they're all shit.
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