You are obviously untrained. As such, it's sort of pointless for us to talk about how good your voice is or isn't. It can obviously get MUCH better. How much better? None of us can possibly know.

You wouldn't pick up a guitar, never take a lesson, just sort of thrash around a little and then record yourself and ask us to tell you how good you were or how good you could be, so why are you doing the equivalent with your voice?

The guy in the video? He's really, really, mediocre. What we're hearing is incredibly processed, to boot, so it's almost impossible to tell what he really sounds like. Furthermore, that's not his natural voice - he's putting it on - which never sounds good. (Heck, the guy who sings the original version of that song sounds incredibly processed and fake, too - although a lot better than this guy).

The worst thing you can do, right now, as far is becoming a good singer is to "try" and sound a certain way. You need to work on your fundamentals first. There isn't a single great singer I can think of - really, not one - who tries to sound like somebody else - good singing is about letting your instrument do the work. You need to learn how to do that. Meanwhile there are lots of people who aren't "great" singers who were really really successful because of how honest they were with their instrument. (Perry Farrell, Bono, Kurt Cobain all leap to mind.)

Once you have good technique, when you then apply it to this sort of pop-metal style, if you really immerse yourself in this genre you'll sound appropriate for it. But you must, must, must build that on a foundation of good technique. The building analogy is appropriate here. Trying to sound like this guy is like trying to put cool stone gargoyles on a building that has a busted foundation (poor pitch control), rotting support beams (poor breath control), broken wndows (poor resonance) and needs a paint job (lousy articulation). Nobody looks at that building and says "cool, gargoyles, let's go live there!" instead they look at it and say, "What a dump!" In fact, with the walls so rotted, the cool stone gargoyles will almost certainly fall off in the first week.

Nobody is born with good technique, any more than somebody is born knowing how to play a guitar, so none of this is a criticism of your "natural talent" in any way shape or form.
thanks, is there any chance of you giving me some info on how to train my voice as I can't afford a coach, even just a few links would be great
There really isn't some magical youtube videos or something that will teach you proper technique. Its a process of learning certain muscle coordinations and unlearning certain muscle coordinations, it takes time and work, best results are seen with a vocal coach, 2nd would be a singing program akin to Singing Success which ive seen great results from, but it still doesn't come close to a vocal coach.

Do some searching, you might find some lessons on the cheap. You dont need a master vocal coach to teach you the basics and what not, so you could find someone who might be just starting out coaching and offering cheaper lessons. Heck, if you know anyone thats taken vocal lessons you could ask them to help you out too, not as good as a vocal coach obviously, but something is better than nothing. Theres also some guys that do Skype lessons, so you might want to look into that also.

best of luck
What Duce said.

Learning to sing is learning to understand your own body. A certain amount of time has to spent with a teacher listening and saying "yes" to one thing and "no" to something else until you learn to hear and feel the difference.