I have auditions for chester, leeds and Manchester university and was wondering what songs would be best to play, I was thinking of having 3 songs prepared just incase they ask for more.. my current 3 are, tears in heaven - eric Clapton, neon - john Mayer (I think that's his name) and a piece from the new grade 8 rockschool... Any university lecturers or admin people or anyone in university, would you say they're alright pieces to do, if not what do you suggest?
If you're playing Neon, I think the tuning is different. Can't remember off the top of my head but I think it might be type of open C tuning, or F, something like that.

Also, make sure you get that sweep nice clean in the riff. It's a killer riff in that tune.

Generally, 3 songs of contrasting styles is your best bet.