Someone in my area is selling the titular bass for $1000, which seems high to me. A cursory search had basses ranging from $600-1100, so I'm at a loss as to where I should be negotiating from. It's a 2001 model, with the active MEC humbuckers and electronics. What would you consider a fair price for one in good condition? The seller seems to believe that a grand is more than fair.

I'm choosing between the Warwick and an $800 Spector NS5CRFM, another bass that I'm having trouble pinpointing a price on. I made another topic asking about the bass, wherein it was highly recommended and more than one poster said that $800 was a very good deal, and that it went for more than $2000 new. However, I've seen them go on TB for less than $700 and never more than $900. The bass in question appears to be an older model (the dot inlays as opposed to the crowns). The responses to my previous thread led me to believe that these basses were normally far more expensive.

I'm going to try them both out to see which I like more; I just need to know what would be a fair price to ask. I apologize for making another thread.
You made a thread on TB about this yes? Anyways, the NS5CRFM is pre Euro/Euro LX, neck through with dot inlays and full maple wings. I don't know where you're seeing them going for less than $700, that's more flame maple/zebrawood Rebop (the bolt on Euro's with EMG HZ's instead of active EMG's) territory. They're very good basses, the current comparable model would be the Euro LX. If it's in good condition, $800 is a very good price. Even if it's beat $800 is still a fair price. You're more likely to find them in the $1000+ area.

As for the Warwick, $1000 seems a little on the high end to me, but then again you tend to pay a good bit extra for 6 strings. Don't take my word on it as I'm not a 'Wick expert, but there are guys on here who know more about them than me, hopefully they'll chime in.

Short and sweet: That's a very good price on the Spector (assuming it's not trashed six ways from Sunday). I'm not too sure on the Warwick, but to me it doesn't sound outrageous considering it's a discontinued MIG 6 string.
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Yeah, I wasn't getting any bites on TB though.

Thanks for the insight. I think I may pull the trigger on the Spector if only to flip it for some extra cash if I don't fall in love with it.

I saw one go through the rounds on Talkbass for $675. It wasn't in great condition though.