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I'll take it you don't get a lot of snow. If you know how to drive in snow because you aren't grossly incompetent, it isn't a big deal. It's when there are people like you who do not have any experience driving in bad snowy conditions who decide to do it anyways who cause accidents. Learn how to bloody drive in the conditions that you will be in or stay home.

i agree with you. i shouldn't have been out there, my mom even advised against it but she was being extremely moody and angry the past week, so me and my brother just said fuck it and tried to go to our dad's. it could've been a lot worse, and after it was over i was glad it didn't get that worse. that's what i meant when i said i don't underestimate that kind of shit anymore, if the weather's bad i avoid driving if i can. plus i work on things like not braking as i turn, taking it slow and giving myself more space to stop, etc. etc. if i do have to drive
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Well the other day I was doing about 90 on the highway because it was really icy and slushy, and all of the sudden my car just started drifting sideways, and I was sure I was gonna bury my car under 5 feet of snow in the ditch.

So yeah. That was kind of scary. Then I almost got stung by my lionfish because I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing.

Crazy life I've got.

actually smartass, i was going 40 in a 65.
I was hit by a bus once. i was just walking on the sidewalk and then all of a sudden a bus went off the road and the mirror slammed my face and the tire went over my foot and broke it. luckily it was in a college parking lot so it wasnt going that fast and it didn't hurt my face that bad, it only wrecked my glasses. it couldve been so much worse though if i was slightly farther than i was.

also when i was a baby i knocked down a vase once and it shattered, then being retarded as ****, i fell on it and a piece of glass went in my wrist and cut my arteries and tendons. luckily the hospital was nearby so it was cool.
I was born with my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. Obviously, I made it out of that one alive, thanks to my grandmother who helped deliver me.

One day, my family and I were driving back from a relative's house during the holidays. My dad was driving, he's not used to driving in the States, and especially not when it's snowing, so he was going pretty fast. He tended to fluctuate between super above the speed limit, and below when he saw signs of police. Anyway, it had been snowing, and it was still really cold so the road was icy. We slid and our car hit the guardrail, rebounded and came close to flipping over. I hit my head on the seat in front of me, and went unconscious. I was about 5 or 6 then.

Another car accident, earlier, my mom was driving me to stay with my grandparents. A drunk driver came and hit us, impacting the side of the car I was in. I was about 3 years old, and my mom was pregnant with my brother. I survived, just some cuts, and now I have a large settlement from the resulting lawsuit, waiting for me to turn 18 so I can claim it.

Recently, like last year, a friend and I were in the creek behind her house, jumping on the rocks. The creek opened up into a deeper riverlike area with a bunch of rocks, underneath a bridge. The water was rushing really violently. I tripped trying to jump on a rock, fell, hit my head, and almost drowned. My friend pulled me out, and helped me walk back to her house.

Lastly, me and a group of friends were on the traintracks near aforementioned creek. We were smoking weed, and all of a sudden we saw bright lights and heard the train sound. Everyone dipped, but I, as I'm the clumsiest one of the group, tripped and fell. A boy grabbed my hand and helped me up, though, and we made it out of dodge just before the train went rushing by.

I've had way too many near-death experiences.
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I'm not sure if it's "near death", but there were 2 incidents involving people with guns that wanted my money. It's kinda funny though. Both times, I ended up not giving them anything lmao.
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Really bad car accident. Sounds typical but it really shook me up to the point I'm too afraid to drive now.

I know that feeling. I still get shaky even trying to parallel park and I sometimes can't remember what certain things do.

Oh and I also almost drowned cause I was trying to save a bird from drowning. I fell in the water and I don't know how to swim so yeah. Lucky my mom pulled me out of the water, I was about 10.
I've nearly been hit by a car on several occasions and that was because I was a stupid kid that ran out onto the road without looking both ways first.

A couple months ago I was turning on the barbeque and the ignition switch wouldn't work. I went inside to get a lighter so I could manually light it. I did just that but the flames flew out of every opening in the barbeque and nearly lit myself on fire. I had left the gas on while I went inside the house of course.

My life isn't exactly all that exciting.
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*spice story*

dude, i feel for you. same thing happened to me. i fucking tripped after only one hit. i saw stars for awhile, moving in between them and wanting to stop but couldn't. i'd come to for a bit every now and then and i would't know who i was or who my friends and brother were. i didn't even know that i was in a car. puked multiple times, apparently tried to bite my brother (which i don't remember doing), and felt fucked up for multiple days after that. for awhile after i'd have brief episodes (the few days after i smoked it was pretty much constant) where i'd feel like nothing was real and like nobody was real and my anxiety would spike hard. i still kind of have it, but i don't get any anxiety when it happens now. it's kind of cool and surreal but i know my brain got permanently fucked, because i never had bad panic attacks until after that.

i hate some of my friends sometimes. and i hated that i was ignorant enough to smoke that shit, that was probably the most scared i'd ever been in my life.
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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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