I've been thinking about this.. Yesterday my band changed rehearsing room and we didn't have the time to bring the PA. So we agreed to play softly so that the singer could be heared. Still the drummer could not get soft enough and noone could hear the singer.

Old bands like The Beatles (Quarrymen), the Stones, the Doors etc. didn't have PA systems when they were rehearsing, did they? I'm talking about the very beginning of these bands. How did they practice?? They used acoustic guitars and no voice amplifying but still used acoustic drum and managed to hear eachother?

I'm wondering how.. Does anybody know?
An old guy at a music store once explained to me that the reason lots of tweed and other such 'vintage' style amps have two inputs is because each band would usually have two. One would amplify the one guitarist and the singer, and the other would be for the guitarist and the bassist.
I don't know how true that is, but there you go.
Of course now the inputs are used for different things
they've been able to amplify voices since before they could amplify an electric guitar.
The Beatles rehearsing.

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They plugged mics into guitar amplifiers. After tons of practice, sometimes amplifiers would heat up so much you could hear distortion on the vocals. That's how 21 Century Schizoid Man was made.
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