Hey guys,
I have an SG copy with stock humbuckers in it and I was going to change the bridge one out for a DiMarzio dual sound:


I was just wondering if I should be considerate that the sound will be vastly different since it's a lighter guitar than say a Les Paul (that I've seen these pups in). Think it'll sound mucked up?
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What kind of a sound do you want?

I really sugest you get new pots and tone caps for your guitar. If it has the mini pots, you deff need to change them out. You'd be suprised at how much they affect the tone
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Like a better rock sound. Classic too and i like that u can switch it to single. The caps are stock too.
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That PU is definitely going to have more bite than the standard stock (I'm guessing) PUs of your SG. It will sound nice and sharp.
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