Hello Ultimateguitar!
Me and my friends have started a new band, and we made our first step!
I truly thing we're diffrent from whats out there today and we'll be glad to have your support!

Personally I think this is our best song:

You're also welcome to listen to our other songs in our Youtube Channel:

Thank you for your time and hope we'll get your support!
I dig the sound mostly. Basically, there's nothing I don't like about it, in particular. But that's kind of different than something I have to listen to, something that will take the world by storm.

I have been studying music theory lately, and I read a doctoral dissertation breaking down what makes U2's sound uniquely recognizable (and kind of epic). What struck me is the notion of creating musical landscapes that are multi-dimensional. It's not enough to just pick good chords, overlaid with good notes and a good beat & bass line. Well, sometimes it is. But the way you really bring it home is to make sure all the tones from the different sources are operating in a different tonal area. You can play with stereophonic effect, maybe move your guitar parts an octave away from your vocalist, or just lower the lead guitar riff to give the vocalist more space. Well, there are countless ways to do it. The point is to get a sound that is rich / textured. You don't want to be 2 dimensional with all your sounds all kind of hitting the same audio-zone. Then you are kind of like a one-trick pony.

So, basically, I liked the parts individually, but they seemed to all be saying the same thing, hitting the same zone.

Just my opinion, and I'm nobody in the music business, so ymmv.

Wow, I actually really dig the song. Neat riffing and drumming, your vocalist sounds good, nice recording quality.

I also think Ken's advice could help you get even better. The outro/solo felt like the best part sonically, because there was a bass hitting those low tones, chords for the mids, a solo hitting the higher frequencies and drummer hitting lows, highs and mids all over the place.

It sounds like there's only one guitarist in your band. If that's true, that's fine, but if there's two of you, you could try and follow up that advice and not play the same thing in some places, because it does sound one-dimensional when everyone plays the same thing.

But that's just constructive criticism, overall I think your song is pretty great.