I'm a vocalist looking for guitars, drums, bass and all that jazz.
Wanting to do a semi serious online project like After The Burial, Volumes, Structures, Fell Silent, Veil Of Maya, Monuments, Misery Signals, Textures, Meshuggah, Periphery, Deftones, etc.
This sounds interesting. I play a seven string and would love to learn more about djent as I come from a metalcore background.

Give me a shout if you want to do something.
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I don't mean to hijack this post deadblue, but if any instrumentalists want to contact me, I'm good to start writing if anyone else is! Here's an example of my past work... Sort of Volumes/Structures/Elitist-y!

Youtube "flash shadows palindromes lyrics" and it's the first video.
If you can't find a drummer, I'm happy do to programming if you want.
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i am game. i have the gear for nice sound and a pretty groovy style. let me know
(btw, i go graphics and sound production too, if that is wanted )
Looking for any of your spare 12" speakers or electronic components (valves, transformers, anything!) and a Peavey Wolfgang USA. Message me!

I want your broken/unwanted gear, UK only. Message me!
I think you're already set judging by this thread but I'll offer myself too.

I can play and record guitar and bass, and program drums and keys/fx. I'm mainly an electronic music producer now, but I still enjoy playing guitar, and I have experience recording and stuff.

Honestly I'd rather not play guitar for this because I'm pretty rusty, but I'd be glad to do everything else. I'm pretty time-limited so unfortunately I can't dedicate too much time to writing songs, but I'd definately give ideas and deliver and even do the mixing and mastering/technical stuff if no one is able to. Obviously I don't know how experienced you all are with these things so just offering

I've been interested in doing some kind of djenty metal project with electronic influence and plenty of effects and an epic sound to it but I never find the time to get started or the people and I would love to get involved.