Posting something other than Jazz this time, this little album runs at roughly 7 minutes, and still contains 8 songs, so it is probably shorter than some single songs that are posted here. This album was a spontaneious decision, and written in less than 12 hours. However, it does also contain more melodic parts, as opposed to just full-on power hardcore punk bursts.

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Now THIS is what I expected to hear when people kept refering 'progressive hardcore bands' towards me, but untill now have been dissapointed by said bands. This is pretty damn good dude.

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Pulling this up I did not expect any sort of complexity at all, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this. It's definitely hardcore punk but it has very definite progressive/jazz influences. I'm on track 3 right now and I can say it was most evident in the first track, which has some very interesting chord movement and modulations going on. Definitely unconventional for a punkish sound, and it makes it sound fresh.

Track 5 is really cool as well, as short as it is. Honestly, I'm not even sure this could be called an album as much as it is a hardcore punk montage of songs. It kind of sounds like a medley.

Ah yes, track 8 is interesting as well. I can see how you took elements from many of the preceding songs and worked them into a final offering.

I think what stood out to me the most outside of the unconventional syncopation and almost progressive tendencies was the drum work. It was very busy, in a good way, definitely not the simplistic mid-tempo blast beat so common in the hardcore punk scene. All in all quite an enjoyable listen, well-written and well-executed.

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Holy mother of shit I forgot how good this is. Madzää seriously get this recorded so I can listen to it all the time.
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Bars 292-341 remind me of The Fall of Troy. I like the complexity, but some parts are too chaotic for my liking.