Hi there UG,

Love the site, one of the things that gets on my wick is,

if I submit a tab, and it is denied, I wonder,.. why?

Is it too much to ask that whoever denies the tab sends

you a message, letting you know why?

Maybe they do and I'm missing it, even if it's to say,

'Your tab is crap and sounds nothing like the song',

ok, I may not be happy someone thinks my tab is crap,

but it's a reason.

Is just infuriating that I've spent hours writing out, checking the

lyrics, working out the chords, twenty minutes backspacing,

because when I copy over the page from notepad all the chords

go haywire, and all for nothing, and no reason why.

Seriously enjoy the site,

Quote by Fox-x-x
We've already got a similar version on the site: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/t/tom_waits/flowers_grave_ver2_crd.htm
That was the main reason for the moderator to delete your tab. I see that there're some changes in your version so I'll restore it.
And we're already thinking over the idea about notifications system.

Fox-x-x I love you.

This is seriously good news, this has been an issue since the year dot. I love UG and I tab out a lot of my own bass lines as well as typing up chords for our band. UG would be welcome to them but I got so frustrated at the rejection system that I stopped submitting them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that you take the time to rake through all the tabs and doing any checking at all is a mammoth effort but it is seriously frustrating to have a tab rejected with no reason given after putting in a lot of effort. All I want is to know if there is a simple thing I could put right.

Well done UG, hope to see the changes soon.
I had the same experience this week, posting a Mike Doughty cover of an old Thin Lizzy song. There was a tabbed out version, but I posted a novice skill level chord version that got the reject stamp...at least my two Cheap Trick songs got in...I'm new here, but I don't get it either... Ah well...