hello all,

a friend has a takamine for sale but we don't know the model so we can't put a price on it.

So it's a very small body, about the size of an auditorium but with a cutaway.

The color is dark transparent red with a fade from black on the sides. It's got a 5(I think) band EQ but no tuner. The preamp is written takamine on it. As well as on the keys.

There is no mention of a model on it, only a serial that's just under the truss rod. If I can find the info with the serial number, I can get it.

I'm sorry there's no pictures

it sortof looks like that I guess but I can't tell if it's an archtop.

But the bridge is different. Instead of having just one little piece of white plastic, there are two. One for the EADG strings and another for the B and high E strings.

What model is that though?

I'll ask for the serial number tommorow...
wow BILL43 long time no see. And as for the Taki, my good friend has one. And well it has next to no bass average mids and crappy highs. But hey it could be just that guitar. I must also add that I'm a taki fan with hand made 6 & 12 string models. Cheers