I need some help. I need to raise my action up but my guitar has no truss rod and Ive searched the web for help and it all includes a truss rod. Is there a way I can adjust the action without a truss rod?
That will depend on the kind of bridge it has. What type of guitar is it?
2010 Gibson SG Honeyburst
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we need some help too bro... what brand/model guitar do you have? and second... most people want to lower the action, why are you going higher?
Its called a Sky real cheap guitar and @stepchildusmc like I said kinda a novice and I asked my buddy about it and he told me to just raise the action a little.
you want the strings higher and farther away from the neck right?
are you getting fret buzz? are you looking to cut off a bottle top and play some nice slide blues? interested in flamenco music?
most want the action lower so the strings are closer and much easier to play.
if however, you do want it raised, the answer would be a taller saddle than the one you currently have installed.
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Yeh When I try to play anything on the third second and first fret I get buzz.
depending on the guitar you might be out of luck. If the guitar is a cheepo guitar then it is simply not worth fixing. You could buy a better guitar for the same money as fixing it probably.
hmm... one of the few times i'd suggest a truss rod adjustment but methinks this particular one doesn't have one.
i'm likely to agree with Proto... chuck and buy a better one. consider it a lesson learned...stay away from really cheap guitars. they're more headache than they're worth. if nothing else, they'll make you give up playing entirely out of frustration and nobody wants that( except maybe our moms).
Yeh Ive been looking at a gibson at guitar center Imma prolly get. But yeh Ive found out about them no more cheapos for me
there many many great guitars out there. i personally think highly of Yamahas,Seagulls and Ovations( all for different reasons). i have a lot of guitars in my little collection but, those are the ones i find myself going to mostly. you don't have to spend a lot to get a good one. my yamaha will stand right up with my Taylor at 1/5 the price.
the flashy ones are the ones to stay away from, they seem to sell on looks rather than sound quality to people that don't yet have the experience in searching out good ones. all of the "prettiest, flashiest" guitars at my local shop sound like shit. it's the more norm looking ones that are based on sound quality.
Yeh I seen a Yamaha on GuitarCenter and was actually wondering about them imma just have to look around and find one for me.