I reposted this tab,because the new version is better than the precedent and I think it is ready to be recorded. Maybe i exagerated with the low strings, but i think it is not bad. tell me some opinions, guys !

p.s. C4C
Beyond the graves3b.gp5
Beyond the graves3b.mid
Not sure if its your best so far. Perhaps cut down on the bells? There were too many of those. But its still epic, majestic, very soulful. Should record it.

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I love works like this. The intro overall is very nice, good pace, I'm liking the central melody and with the guitar in the background. Maybe you could change up the drums a bit though.

I found that the first verse perhaps drags on a little. I do like the ocarina though. The first interlude is pretty nice. Changes things up a bit (I suppose that's what they're used for though :P).

2nd verse was a bit repetitive, especially after the first. Nonetheless well-written. The second interlude is probably my favourite part. With just the strings/choir, it's very serene sounding. Build up and the final verse, likewise, are great. Good work.

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