They sit and call Metallica sellouts left and right, yet refuse to acknowledge that Megadeth did the same, but even worse.

Black album - Countdown to Extinction

Metallica released a great record that was stripped down compared to previous albums, what does that sound like? Oh wait, Countdown to extinction, another great Megadeth record. Rust In Peace to Countdown was a big stripping down in sound, obviously Dave wanted to chase Metallica's success. Since it didn't make MEgadeth as huge as Metallica, somehow it doesn't count as a sellout album?

Load + Reload - Cryptic writings

Don't get me started on Cryptic Writings. Another huge sellout record. While Load and Reload were bad, Cryptic was even worse. Yet again, but since its Megadeth that cannot sell out?

St Anger - Risk

No matter how shit st anger was, RISK SOMEHOW was even worse. While St ANger sucked balls, it still could relate to metal in some ways, while RIsk was a total WTF, wasn't even metal at all. RISK makes St Anger sound like Slayer in comparison


Megadeth can release shitty sellout records and because they were never hits, they don't count as sellout records. Only Metallica records do. Megadeth fans are so damn bright.

The only difference is Metallica hit it big and Megadeth didn't. It doesn't change the fact that Megadeth sold out as well, so quit being in denial.
Because Megadeth still had some artistic integrity?

I agree about Risk, but you can't really say that about they other records.
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Personally I'm a huge fan of both bands, but I prefer the Megadeth albums in each comparison you've made. I find it hard to make it the whole way through any album after the Black album, and I think Risk might be half decent if it weren't released under the 'Megadeth' name
Oh and one last thing - I wouldn't label either band as a sellout, I don't think there need to be rules imposed on song writing
It's cause Megadeth fans don't complain about their non-thrash albums. Also, Metallica's deviation from thrash is more obvious, than Megadeth's.