I released a demo version of this song a while back, but this version is the finalized one. It will be released as a single (along with a couple of other originals) in the spring. What are your thoughts on the production, guitars, the song itself, etc.? Leave a link and I'll be happy to check out anything you want me to check out as well!

Regarding the drums, the first time I listened to it on speakers, the drums sounded okay, but when I listened to the song a second time with headphones, I didn't notice any hi-hats or ride cymbals, I heard crash cymbals but no ride. Now there's nothing wrong with that, but I assume you did this on purpose?

Other than the missing hi-hat, ride (which is okay), the drums sound solid.

Good energy overall, nice rhythm guitars, nice use of the wah-wah pedal during the first verse and outro solo....

I usually like lead vocals hot in the mix, but I think for this song, it's right where it should be volume wise.

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That's odd about the ride and hi-hat. I just did a back-to-back-to-back comparison through speakers, headphones, and earbuds and I didn't encounter that problem. The hi-hat should be audible through the bridge parts, the chorus, and the end, and the ride should definitely be audible during the second half of the second verse. Hmm...maybe it could have had something to do with the natural EQ of your headphones? I'm not sure

Other than that, thank you for listening! I'm glad you liked it and I appreciate your critique I'll check out yours right away!
Well i'll just get to the point and say the song itself was great! The song struchture, everything. I liked the vocals man! Solo was sweet too. It really grooved and it was pure rock and roll man.

Now saying that, the song was perfect but the production on the other hand was not great. It took away from what the song could of sounded like to the normal listener, what i see was a great song with garage production. I know its a demo but you suggestion a take on the production and i think better mics and less compression would do the trick, EX the drums were a bit punchy and overwhelming, other than that man the song is ace!

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I like the song, and I like the style.

The guitar sounds a little muffled to my ears- I like to hear a little more crispness, personally, but if you're going for garage rock, that's a perfectly valid aesthetic choice, so I suppose it's up to you.

I also think you could do with a bit more dynamic range. Everything's loud the whole time- the graphic of the track is basically a square, if you look at it, which means the volume is staying constant. Having a quiet section or two can actually make a track seem louder in comparison, if loud is what you're going for. About halfway through the track I started to have to strain to maintain focus because nothing was changing, dynamically or feel wise. When you're dealing with a four minute song, a little variety can go a long way towards keeping the listener engaged and right there with you.

I've got some material here, if you want to take a look at it... https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=30968475#post30968475
Love the boomy intro!

Great tenor voice. You lucky bastard! Bring it out in the mix. No reason to hide that gift...

I like the synco - stop before the chorus.

This tune is a drivin' sumbitch! I like the lead in the mix a little low like you have it. The construction of the song is great and I like the wah lead at the end.

Feeling is the hard part, and you got that in droves.

Good job, and please remember me when you get famous! I'll be following you on the Cloud...

If you lose all good sense - please check out my latest 0's and 1's. I would appreciate a review from someone of your calibre...


Keep on slappin'!

Thanks everyone! Sorry for taking so long to get back on here to reply to you all - it's been a hell of a week :p

Metal Turtle: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I think you misunderstood me a little, though. This is the finished version of the song. The demo version of "Tell Me" appeared on my EP when I released it last August. Regarding the production, this is a garage rock song, and that's the sound I was going for. As far as mics go, I've only got a single SM57, and I use it for all of my guitars and vocals (the bass I record direct and the drums are sequenced). I can't really afford more mics at this time. Lol. Nevertheless, I appreciate your listening and your compliments!

E.S.: Thank you! Glad you liked it! And I got the tone I was going for in this song, but I still respect your opinion and appreciate your input

Vlaco: Thank you for listening and realizing the garage aesthetic present in this song. I could have made the tone crisper, but I didn't feel like that was the right choice for this song. I wanted it to sound dirty As far as the dynamics go, much of my music is very dynamic and much more subdued than this particular song. At the time when I wrote this song, it was out of pure angst, and I wanted it to kind of contrast a lot of the music I had done before, so that's why it's kind of full-on much of the time. That said, I wouldn't say this song is devoid of dynamics. My aim was for it to start off raw and angry and to build up to the climax at the last chorus. All of that aside though, it means a lot to me that you listened! Thanks!

DancesWithSheep: Thank you so much! Reading yours made my day! Haha. I'll remember you for sure and I'm already following back
Listening as I crit:

Super high energy intro, good job. Guitar is very nicely done. Aside from the reverb (which I assume was necessary to get everything on level ground), the mixing is done fairly well. I feel like the vocals could use some more EQ to 'sit' in the mix better. Overall, the writing/composing of the song is done super well. Nice and rock and roll man good job.

The only real criticism I have besides the minor mix issues is perhaps spending more time focusing on the pitch of the vocals, there are some spots where it's slightly sharp or flat. Also, it sound like you're singing from your throat up, make sure you try and use that diaphragm. On a more positive note, you're good at making your voice gritty when you want it to be. Total plus, I suck at that lol. Overall great song man I enjoyed it.

A crit would be very much appreciated: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1586031

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