Is it possible that many people can have a passable singing voice if trained properly? I have been a musician for many years (piano and in the past few years the guitar) so I understand music, except I have been told my voice was off key when I was younger and to not try.. so I just stopped singing thinking I have zero talent. I don't think the timbre of my voice is bad at all, I just don't know "how" to sing , i.e. what techniques to use. From my reading on here, it appears you can train yourself vocally.

I am considering lessons as a significant time & money investment. Any things to keep in mind for someone going about this for the first time? Like what can I reasonably expect? How long will it take to develop a decent voice (or is it out of reach)?
you cant be taught how to sing, it comes from within. unless your one of them guys who sings into their chromatic tuners lol if you dont devote yourself you should expect to fail. but as long as you keep practicing you will improve. Good luck!
Definitely get some vocal lessons. I know many people who have awful voice but sound decent when singing because they went to the singing lessons.
I have always been a self-taught, and my voice sucks. (see one of my threads)

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Everyone who isn't tone deaf can learn to sing in key. I would actually say that singing in key is one of the easiest parts of singing to learn - you just need to work on your ear and practice.

Singing lessons are far more about getting a good timbre than about being on key.
I started taking lessons the other day and the first thing he told me was I had no problem with singing on key. I never mentioned how bad I was years ago. When I was younger, I think my ear was untrained. Guitar definitely seems to help. Especially playing by ear. It is a matter of awareness. So yea, it's doable.

My vocal range was pinned at a low baritone. I think he said there are ways to expand your range. Is it possible to sing stuff like Roy Oribson? or is his range a little out there?
If you have bad technique, good technique will expand your range.

How much? No well to know until you try.
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