I've been looking at the Korg PX5D Pandora guitar effects processor, but I've read where it has limited programming and tweaking capability for the various effects.

What is the best all around portable processor in this category for under $200? I can't afford a board full of foot pedals.

Thanks in advance.
Take a look at the Vox Stomplab IIG
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Zoom G3 or G3X.

This, the G3 is excellent in build, interface, and sound. I would not hesitate to use it on a gig if I was forced to consolidate my rig to a single pedal+amp. It also works great into a PA using the amp models and the XLR output. I've found myself often forgoing my amp for headphones and the G3 for home practice.

The only big drawback is that there are only six slots to use, but I could make do if I had to. Normally I'll use 2-3 external pedals with it and that gives me all the effects I currently require.
Any thoughts on either the Zoom MS-50G or the Zoom MS-100BT?

I like the idea of a small form factor stomp box that is easily portable with good effects. I had thought I might want the Korg PD5X, but have read some good reviews about these two Zoom units excepting for some high pitched noise when the unit is put into high drive. However, it seems that I've read where Zoom suggest turning down the bass and treble along with the drive on one's amp when using these units. I can see if one had their amp gain settings on high and then used the high gain effects of the effects unit that there might be some unnecessary noise.

I'd really like to have one effects unit but don't know enough about the various brands or their models to know which to avoid. I think most of the Line 6 models are to be avoided from what I've read here and elsewhere.

Both of the following allow for six effects to be used at once.

Zoom MS-100BT

Zoom MS-50G
I'd get that multistomp as a joke pedal to see what it'll do but I wouldn't take that seriously.

Overall multifx pedals are a problem as they do some things well but not all. For the most organic/realistic sounds I prefer Vox. The downside is that you can't control many things on the parameters but they sound good, actually that is probably the only box that I think has good distortion sounds. all the other ones, including the GT-10 which I own leave quite a bit to be desired in that area.

Still, I think in your price range a Boss Me-50 used would probably be your best bet.
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I'd get that multistomp as a joke pedal to see what it'll do but I wouldn't take that seriously.

I don't have money to spend on jokes. Thanks though.
I just buoght it (MS-100BT) about a week ago. I LOVE IT. The parametrs are fully adjustable on all the FX even during the demo stage from the STOMPSHARE app from my iphone. The amount of stuff you get on the pedal for 149.00 you cant beat. You get 92 box FX and 8 Amp models, along with an adjustabel chromatic tuner. Lastly, preloaded in the box is 32 preset FX trains(these are adjustable/renameable as well) you can move FX's around in the train and add/delete like if you prefer the BOSS DS-1 over like the MXR one that is initially in the chain. The app is seemless, thre are not alot of downloadable FXs or Amp models right now, about 25 total id say, but none of them cost more then 1.99 with most of them go for .99. You can get the TS808 for .99 instead of 179.00+ depending on which model you buy, thats just an example. In all, for the money you cant beat it between wease of use, portability and the iOS interface, it's a solid deal.

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You can get the TS808 for .99 instead of 179.00+ depending on which model you buy, thats just an example.

Sorry Pat, but you actually get an approximation. Even if it were the real thing you still have analog to digital conversion happening in and out of the pedal that will make it sound different.