Here's the deal....Im looking for options on a guitar with passive pickups,floyd rose or any tremolo system that can be relied on.I want something that can handle high distortion and smooth silky cleans.. I would be playing stuff from Jesus Culture to Bb King to Synyster Gates like Tone....
Also Any Suggestions on a Versatile amp that can handle these tones with be GREAt
Heres The Catch...Keep the Guitar Under $600 $700 tops....Im Up for Used stuuf so dont hold back......

Ps.First Thread Ive ever started In My Life

Have a Great Day God Bless
Are there any brands of guitar you prefer?

As for an amp, AX7 recorded most of their stuff using Marshall JVm's, although Zacky Vengeance is now touring using the Jet City JCA100H.

I picked up a JCA50H about a month ago pretty much just for the distorted channel. It can get pretty heavy. The cleans are pretty good, but nowhere near a fender.

Thats just my 2 cents.
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Brands...Umm...Fender & Jacksons
I was Considerin The Fender Mustang iii or iv...But I would be giging..and dont know if the cleans will get distorted at high volume and i want to be able to play clean tones over a drummer
Marshall DSL401?
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Used Ibanez RG or S series have great guitars with good trems. You can check some schecters guitars too.

You could find used Ibanez prestige or premieum for under 700$.
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Im Liking the IBANEZ RG 25TH Anniversary in pink......heard they are verstile....I want a guitar that I can play from jazz to rock so I heard it'l do.....
Im still searching for a amp that can give me cleans at high volume...any ideas? I want an amp like that because I can use pedals to get the distortions I want Right?
Oh and I have a Boss Gt-8...so I would like an amp that I can Use the 4 cable method with.

Am I Asking For too much?
just get a fender amp then. it won't be the distorted sounds you want but if you want to use pedals for it and can live with the fact that pedal gain is not the same as amp gain, then you'll be happy with it. something like a hot rod
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
The 25th Anniv. RG will do you fine. Hod Rod Deluxe would be a very good option. You could use that with your GT-8 and it takes pedals tremendously well. Used HRD's go for 300-400 on CL. I saw a super-sexy red and black one in GC the other day and was kinda tempted, but I don't need it.

Unless you want to go crazy and get a used JSX combo. I got one for exactly the same reasons: versatility from jazz through metal. It, too, takes pedals very well. I got an Ibanez RG1570 Prestige for about $800. Between the JSX, the RG, and one OD pedal I think I could do any style of music very well.
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