Thanks for the in-depth comments on my song!

Now for your song:
This sounded very well made! I suppose as a song it's not really groundbreaking, the progressions seems familiar in places, but it's a nice, relaxed tune. I love the singer! Notes are spot on and I like the voice itself. And a cozy little guitar solo at around 2:02. All the playing is tight. But I think I'm most impressed by the production, warm and clear. Cool stuff!
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Thanks for checking out my song.

I love the upright bass and conga rhythm section, and the chord progression is nice, I've always been keen on laid-back jazz of this style, and the solo that comes in is nice - not overbearing but enough to play its part. The vocals sound great, both quality and talent-wise. Great recording quality too. Good work.
I uploaded a totally different version of the song in post #1. Well it's the same music (in a different key), but I wrote totally different lyrics. Instead of a Christmas song, it's a ridiculous song about obsession. I still like the version in post #1 better, but this is a totally different vibe because of the lyrics.
Here's the link: