Hi all,

I most likely wont be gigging for a loooong time but as a performer already ( I perform as a magician and Mindreader occasionally ) but I would like to at some point. I'd imagine it would just be me gigging when I do, maybe a drummer or a bassist or singer whatever if im lucky but for various reasons and my age I don't know if I want to be attached to a band just yet and I quite like the idea of just me and my Guitar doing the talking as it were.

I play a lot of blues and enjoy learning blues licks and rhythms but I also like playing Eric Claptony/Blues on my acoustic guitar ( even though I'm a long way off playing it well ) I also like playing classical pieces, and some rock pop/punk pieces aswell. So quite a mixed bag but I feel a tendancy to the blues on my les Paul and maybe some pieces on my acoustic. So, my question is If I were to play just a local pretty small pub gig and I played a load of blues maybe some Jimi in there aswell and maybe some acoustic to change things up, would I be okay to do it all through my 35w amp? I most likely wouldn't song and the blues would give off a kind of chilled vibe anyway as opposed to screaming teenagers at a metal gig where I'd imagine a cabinet and amp head whatever would be needed.

I know I'm making all this quite wordy, so my second question is am I applying to much thought to this all and should I just pack my Paul, pedals and amp and get out there and figure it out for myself like I did when I began performing magic on stage?

Thank you in advance , Simon.

Ps Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum, wasnt sure where to put it.
The real issue would be getting a gig noodling over blues progressions...

For constructive advice, it would probably be loud enough (what kind of amp? That could make a world of difference) but most decent places have at least a cheap PA which would amplify you.
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My amps the Belcat V35rg 35w vintage amp with reverb, it's doesn't say it's a tube or valve amp but then again I don't really know much about amps, I can get a decent variety of tones out of and the it's good on a more bluesy setting ( at least to me anyway ) I have had more knowledgeable guitarists than me say its a good amp.
Quote by Artemis Entreri
The real issue would be getting a gig noodling over blues progressions...

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Quote by Artemis Entreri
The real issue would be getting a gig noodling over blues progressions...

Depending where you live it may be the easiest gig to get! Blues is the Easy Listening of bar music; people will tolerate it just about anywhere.
Okay thanks everyone I agree blues is the quite commonly played in bars where I am. It might not pull in loads of screaming teenagers but for gentle easy adult listening blues is great. Thanks again!