Hello UG & Community,

We're are a two piece acoustic duo from Vancouver Island BC and we play island infused progressive acoustic music! On new years we released our new instrumental album entitled 'Open Sky' and we had a lot of fun experimenting with different tones & recording techniques.

For the more acoustic slow paced songs with two guitars we really liked using a stereo micing technique where we had two condensers, one facing vertically up, one vertically down and rotated 90 degrees. This gave a very warm sounding recording that was incredibly sensitive and picked up all subtleties. For the more progressive songs we experimented with running an acoustic guitar (with rareearth blend pickup) through an electric guitar halfstack and an acoustic amp to give a more gritty, full acoustic sound.

We are two 19 year olds who travel around to gulf island festivals in a 1986 camper van that we purchased through busking.

Here's an original track from our new album, it consists of Jonathan Hinds on Djembe drum and Philip Wolfe Marchand on acoustic guitar & minimal bass overdubs.

Cool song. I loved the part when the fat bass came in at 2.22 (even though it sounds a bit like the chord progression of "What I've done" ) I did not like the "chorusy" sound on one of the guitars - it also sounds too compressed for my liking or maybe it's the fact that it breaks up (like if it got a tiny bit distortion on it). I think that the end is really cool - however, the part before that is a bit dragged out in my opinion but other than that its good.

I liked the song after this song more - "after the flame" that song felt more emotional.

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Thanks for checking it out! Not sure if I have heard "What I've Done" Who is it by? I'll check it out...may just be unfamiliar with the name.

Only one guitar being played in the song, and the bass plays the same root notes as the guitar just to fill out the low end...didn't want to change the song too much from the live performance. Also forgot to mention the cymbal overdubs in this version!

I agree, the part that sounds dragged out you are mentioning we cut in half when playing live...usually we do it the other way around, but the was recorded a while back. Thinking about posting a live video of the song on youtube at some point. It will be a lot more raw, which is what we like.

The other song with vocals was written the week we recorded it. The vocalist had just started singing a couple of months before, so it was a bit of a rush and we didn't get to develop the song to it's fullest. Looking forward to progressing with him in the future though...love working with vocals.

Keep jammin! - Fiftieth || Parallel