what kind of bridge is this if this image pops up XD idk how to use this yet.... but how can i tell if i could just drop in a OFR ...and if not what would be my other choice..... i hate it cause i cant find any online that looks like it... i know its a asm with a floyd rose copy XD..... i hate it
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The bridge? Looks like a Floyd Rose (or a Licensed Floyd Rose, I can't tell) to me.
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can some licensed floyd rose be switched out with a OFR?.... and if not what can i replace it with?...
The pic doesn't work, what model is it?
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hurry up and look at it lmao it might just crap out.. it actually worked this time lol
If I found the correct one, it's a floyd rose special, not a particularly remarkable system but I've seen worse.
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Still pretty sure it's a floyd rose special.
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thats a bit comforting XD.... i dont wana to go to the local guitar place... they might rob me blind again....