I'm in the Market for a Beginner Electronic Set; Recommendations?

So I'm not a drummer, I'm a guitarist of 16yrs, but I want to learn drums for my own musical projects. Be it "one man band" solo stuff or just writing music ideas at home for band projects. I can hold a basic drum beat, but I wouldn't say I can "play" the drums. When I mess around with our drummer's kit anything beyond the basic beats (or when trying them at punk rock tempo), I fail. I either tense up when trying to play fast, which throws everything off, or I "over think" when trying to play anything off-beat or with "flair" thrown in. I want to get a kit for home so I can invest the time to get comfortable playing an learning to do different beats with hands/feet without thinking of it, like I can with hands when playing guitar, and keeping time. Band practice is limited so I can't really teach myself drums while there lol.

So background aside, on to the point. The kit needs to be electronic for 2 reasons. First, and foremost, I live in an apartment, and one with thin walls at that, so sound travels. An acoustic kit is absolutely out of the question, not a chance in hell I'd ever get to play, the downstairs neighbor is older and home all the time. I work days so night is only time I can play, so aside from weekends, I'm usually playing guitar through headphones when at home. An electronic kit lets me do the same, practice in silence. And second, I want to be able to USB record right to my laptop.

My budget is around $500, maybe a little play room there, but the cheaper the better (within reason, I dont want completely crap quality just cause its dirt cheap obviously lol). Again, I'm not a drummer, and never intend to be outside of learning enough to be able to lay down my own basic drum tracks for writing, so I don't need all sorts of features and whatnot. Basically want a decent electric kit that has different kits "modelled", or whatever it's called when the drum brains store a bunch of different drum set sounds, that i can play through headphones/other audio source, and that "feels" close to real drums. Like the drum heads and cymbal triggers. I'm looking for realistic stick response, not like whacking hard plastic heads that are gonna "click clack" like Rock Band drums (I know that's a videogame peripheral and not a music instrument, but I've seen some real cheap electronic drum kits that have reviews saying the trigger heads are hard and noisy like the game controllers). Ideally I'd like a full kit, which I'm assuming would be snare, bass, 2 rack/1 floor tom, hit-hat and crash/ride triggers?

Thanks, and sorry for the long read.

Recommend me an electronic drum kit in the $500 range that I can use in my apartment to learn to play drums, and to USB record to my laptop (PC, not MAC). Would like a "5-piece" setup, and one that has a decent brain with a bunch of kits modelled, and that has good drum head/cymbal triggers that feel "natural" and are quiet, not hard and "clacky" like a videogame drum set for example.
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Firstly, sorry...not going to recommend a kit, because I am not really in tune with the market right now, but I'll offer you some things to keep in mind:
$500 will not get you a kit with anywhere near "realistic" feel unless you luck out on a 2nd hand kit with mesh heads.
With cheaper kits you're likely to get more of the click clack feel, so you're just going to have to accept that pretty much.
If you really have thin walls, an e-kit will still be noisy, since there's a lot of thuds that will travel through your floor and walls.
Lastly... a "complete" e-kit will (normally anyway) not include sticks, drum chair and kick pedal, so make sure you can fit that in your budget as well unless you already have those covered.
Good luck!
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I was going to say the same about mesh heads, you'll have to expand your budget another $200-400 to get a used kit with them. Are regular plastic e-kits completely out of the question?
I am like you, I am a guitarist who got into drums later. I don't have lots of room, or family who wants to hear me practice ever...

The electronic set is definitely the best way to go for this setup. I personally don't mind the cheap sub $500 drum kits. I borrowed a second kit from my friend who upgraded. I really like it, its one of those cheap Simmons, SDK5's.

If it were me, I would get a SD5K for $299, and find a $50 drum pedal. Of course there are decent ones from Yamaha and Roland for around $700-800.
to get any e-drum kit that sounds half decent, as the others said, you're probably going to need to spend in the neighbourhood of 800 to 1,000.

not sure on the specifics of brands these days.

good luck mate.
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Low balling it is $300 to $500. Your getting into beginner electric sets for longer time drummers in the $500-$100 range. This is the normal range, for my first set, I would go for the $500-$600 range. I could easily just get the pads and hook them up to my Maschine.

A Maschine will run you $500-$600. Its not traditional drumming but you can make your beats. Unless your doing this strictly to play actual drums, then I wouldn't get a maschine until after you get a electronic set.