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Seize the Day by A7x... I love the part where Gates plays on a grave... That'd be awesome
Paradise City - Guns N' Roses
Kickstart My Heart - Mötley Crüe
Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

This is just an extract. It was a piece of orchstral music recorded onto tape and when he transfered it to digital, it disintegrated a little bit. Each time he looped it, it disintegrated more and more until it became nothing.

There are four disks of various loops doing this. I would have to pick a favorite section
Hallowed Be Thy Name. I think it's one of the greatest British songs from any genre.
boat on the river - Styx (dad wants that at his funeral, great song)
Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
I was only 19 - redgum
any of those whould be good.

EDIT: ain't no grave - Johnny cash
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Well, technically it could be done, but only in the same way that you could change a cat into a hamburger. It's an unpleasant process, and nobody is happy with the result.
i dont want a song at my funeral

in fact, i dont really want a funeral
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On the come up we were listening to Grateful Dead and the music started passing through my bowel and out my arsehole as this violet stream of light. I shat music. It was beautiful.
Something happy and optimistic.

Of course I want people to wash out any pain my departure would cause by bawling their eyes out, but I want them to know that I only want them to be happy and to remember that their time is limited too

My funeral should serve as a reminder of how beautiful life can be and that we're only here for 80 years, give or take.

For example, though I probably wouldn't have it played at my funeral, Fly To The Angels by Slaughter is an optimistic song about the death of the singer's friend. It's "(s)he's in a better place now" in song form.
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Listening to: This jazz piano music playing over the PA like wow for once it's good stuff they're playing

What if blue cheese is just regular cheese but it's accelerating towards you really fast?
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I'd say anything that fits

We're all gonna die
So let's get high
We're all gonna die
So let's be nice
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look nigga, if you're chillin with 5 bros and 2 hos, you're gonna wanna pay attention to all of em equally. not moon over the hos forever and laugh at every shitty thing they say and just stare at them all night, like some of my mates do.
Ya know...

Given my choice....

I'd probably just RickRoll everyone.
Mastodon - "Pendulous Skin"
... For A Pair Of Brown Eyes

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I think the sweep picking and tapping section at the end would be great at my funeral. Not sure most people would approve though.
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The theme song to Seinfeld, or the circus song that plays on the credits at the end of the first part of Stephen King's It.
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Lovely Day by Bill Withers

It'd be nice, I think.
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I swear this guy in particular writes for the telegraph or some shit.

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My name can actually be traced back to as early as the 1990s, it means "fuck off data miner"
Ain't No Grave by Johnny Cash.

Then after that has played, my casket will be opened for people to say their goodbyes. The catch is that I have arranged in my will for my body to be buried somewhere anonymously beforehand, this information not known to my mourners.

They will not mourn any longer and simply think "you son of a bitch."
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I think the sweep picking and tapping section at the end would be great at my funeral. Not sure most people would approve though.

My opinion of you has now lowered for picking anything from that band...