My D works for u bb

I dig it tbh. Quite simple, yet nice and melodic.
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**** me, that was groovy as ****. I wasn't fond of the riff at bar 24 but you should defiantly expand on this.
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That was great! But the last part from 24 on sounds like it needs to be in a different song. Unless you some really smooth awesome transition for that.
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Glad to see Bruce and Rob on there.

Stevie Wonder is a great singer but he would be really boring the watch, he just sits there the whole time

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Sounds like Cyclamen, not bad actually. Not sure what the point of the break at bar 19 is, but its a good peice overall. Has big potential for epic proggyness.

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I like the change from 4 feel to triplet feel.
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You should definitely work on this piece some more, it has a lot of potential.

Reminds me of Yes but with tapping.
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I want to give this a proper crit, but it's so short god damnet. Post a full song already.
I can always give it a try tho. The drums are groovvy, but they could do with a bit more fills. The piano burst seems a bit sudden and I'm not shure I like it. Like frankibo said already, the change from 4/4 to triplet feel is pretty sweet. I'm not really shure what to think of 18-21 since it feels so empty compared to the previous section, but then again this is a WIP and I'm shure you'll come up with a proper transition and next riff. The second tap lick is also pretty sweet, dig the odd time sigs. Pretty good ideas that you can easily flesh out into a good full song with some work, all you need is to get started: 8/10.
I'm not shure if you like electronic music at all, but hope you don't mind looking up one of the pieces I posted recently, or the two of them if you are feeling generous.
Here are the links: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1591302 and
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
Hi, I really like this, very melodic and fresh. I think the song could use a more gradual intro though, give it a bit of a build up for the awesome gooves. Groove B is really cool, and so is the piano part you introduce later.

Also love the Rhodes <3, I started using it too not long ago in my songs and it makes such a dreamy sound.

Will be waiting for future updates