I am contributing articles to UG topic of blues guitar and I'm currently gathering ideas to write articles about on the topic of blues guitar.

If you are in the learning stages of blues guitar, I would really appreciate it if you could write down which problems and challanges that you run into, to better understand what it is that I can help you with so I can dedicate my next article(s) to these issues.

What are your biggest challanges on the topic of playing blues guitar (lead and rhythm)?

Thanks alot for the feedback!

I have been playing blues guitar for a year. I play every day for at least 2 hours. I would say after a year i have 1 main issue. I still have trouble understanding how to use the entire neck for soloing. I know the 5 positions of the a minor pent , i even know great licks in each position and I know the notes on the on the e and a strings. However, If i leave the key of i a its almost like its my first time looking at a fretboard. I am thinking more than playing, eventually becoming lost and frustrated. It seems there is a million ways to explain this and i have seen countless questions regarding soloing as well as countless differing answers. I would love to get some sort of concrete/ rational approach for this. I have been working with a teacher who is a remarkable musician, but even he ends up talking me in circles when i ask a question like: "If stormy monday is in the key of g why is a lot of Duane Allmans solo in the 2 position of the a minor pent?" Then i get an answer like this "well its because the c is an a and intervals, chord relationship, and diatonic idk blah blah blah". Its Not that what he is saying isnt correct its just i have heard him and others explain the answer to this same question a million different ways. I am an ex athlete, I know if you asked me how to get stronger i am not going to have you do Olympic power snatches on day one, u start out then advance slowly. With guitar i feel like when i think i have grasped something i am immediately reminded that i don't know anything lol. So, can i get a program some sort of sequence of progression in terms of development. Sorry for my rant. lol. Thanks for your time and post. Cheers
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