Hello all!

Id be new here on this side, but i play electric for about 2-3 years (I think).
Been after a classical guitar for about a year now and i found a (to my ears) nice tonal guitar in December. The guitar store is moving away so i got it with some discounts!

It's a Iberica 5C, solid ceder top, nogal back & sides, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard and rosewood bridge =D (picture shows my actual guitar). I have paid 200euro's for it =)

Ok so this is where im stuck. To be plain i just dont know where to begin! Does someone have recomendations to guitarists or pieces/lessons ect? Atm im into Randy Rhoads, and altrough he has much classical influences id recon i should start with others to get this thing going. I dont like stum along songs tbh. Maybe im a little bit vague but yeah....

Barry =)
Steve Vai and Yngwie are also very heavily influenced by classical. there is just so much stuff out there. i'd suggest hitting up youtube for some ideas.
Thank's =)
I kind of forgot them altrough ive played some stuff from both of them ^^
Ive found quite a bit of things i liked last night and they apear to be classical music from like the year 1700 to 1900 lol, i really need to dig further because i had a good time playing them yesterday and this morning =) Need more time on this planet!

Its just that my hands get struck on some things that feel unnatural, or not using the right fingering, alot of pple advise differently on youtube. But i guess it was the same when starting out on my electric...
/back to playing!