I'm in a local unsigned band. Basically, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I can sell my recordings, preferably over Facebook without signing up to a service like CDBaby or similar.

My reasoning is that our band will hardly break into the charts and the total amount of money we'd ever receive is minimal. I just want a way to link people to a check out page which then will give them a link to the tracks they have bought to download. Essentially the online version of selling CDs at a gig.

Has anyone got any experience in this field? Or is anyone in the same situation?

This is my band if you were interested: https://www.facebook.com/theunderdogsofficial

I think what you need is a bandcamp-account.

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Wrong forum. If you wanna post your FB link, go to 'Promote YOUR Band'.
If you want advice regarding working in the music industry, go to 'Musician Talk' or preferably 'Bandleading'. The people in the 'Recordings' forum will probably know a lot about digital distribution, too.
'The Pit' is for off-topic chat.
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Cheers for the bandcamp suggestion, I'm setting up an account now, seems to offer eveything I need, thanks a lot!
Mackelmore recently became the first artist to reach #1 on U.S. Charts without a signing

Just some inspiration.

Sell CDs from your rucksack and aim for the papers and then aim for the majors