Hey all, i'll be heading off to college very soon and i'm struggling to decide what i would like to do. I know that i want to go to school for music. However, i don't know what kind of school i would like to go to.

I am very interested in going to Musicians Institute in LA. The whole concept of a music school centered around guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and voice sounds appealing to me. As well as being able to be in a big city and get a bit of experience there as well as with some of the professionals that LA is full of. If i go i will be going for a Bachelor of Music in Performance (Contemporary Styles) and a minor in music production.

But i am also considering going to an actual university and taking part in their music program. I am unsure whether this route will help me to secure a better job or not. Also it seems as though guitarists can sometimes be the odd ones out in these kinds of programs. That is to say that they are centered on orchestral music and guitarists have to work hard to find a way to fit there. These also seem to be more focused on classical and jazz guitar. ( jazz isn't exactly a problem for me, i just don't really want to go for jazz alone)

Now, based on the typical requirements of universities and of MI i become even more confused.

I know i will be accepted to Musicians Institute. I am musically educated enough that i would qualify for advanced placement in their theory and history courses and i already know everything that is required for audition.
For universities however i don't know how i will fair and i don't exactly have "audition pieces"

So my questions to you are: Which of these do you think would be the best route to take? What advantages do you see of both and what do you think will be better in helping me to find a decent job in the industry? Also, which will give me a better overall music education as far as understanding and experience?

Thanks for taking the time to read all of that
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What do you want to do with music after university?
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What do you want to do with music after university?
Yeah, what kind of job are you trying to get?

If you just want to play music, college is a waste of time and money. Sure, you'll learn a lot of valuable skills and meet a lot of people, but you can do that outside of college on your own terms and without spending so much god damn money.

If you want to teach music, good for you. College is a must. However, you don't seem to express interest in teaching.
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i should have mentioned that. I hope to get into studio work and other freelance projects. But teaching is something that i definitely want to do at some point.
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If you just want to play music, college is a waste of time and money

I would say that depends on the person. Not everybody is great at making connections on their own, and college will most likely facilitate this.

To TS, hopefully you're just a Junior in high school, because at this point, it might be too late to apply for most undergrad programs if you are a graduating senior. Unless you're looking to take a year off/ do whatever for a year (be it working a job, or just goofing off). For teaching, if you plan to do more than just one-on-one lessons at your local music shop, you will need a college degree. And for studio work, I think college can be good too, because, like I said: connections. Plus, you will learn more quickly the theory/chops you will need in a university environment than you would self taught (unless you have a helluva lot discipline).
I am a graduating senior. If i make the decision to go to a university i will be waiting a year to attend but if i choose MI i still have time to apply for the next fall term or i can start a spring term next year.
I know i am going to college for music but my big decision is whether to go to Musicians Institute or another university with a music program.
Sounds like you're in pretty much the same spot I was in when I graduated. The only difference is, I had already committed to go to school that fall for Music Education. I'll tell you this: It wasn't for me. I didn't end up going back the next fall and right now I'm just working at a restaurant waiting for fall to come so I can start an Engineering major at a different school.

I can't say I regret that year in Music Education. It was an incredibly enriching experience and I met some cool people, but I don't think the degree was what I needed to pursue my goals in music. I still want to be a professional musician at some point, but I'm definitely not ready to make that leap right out of college.

Now, maybe you are ready, but I thought I was ready when I was in your position and I ended up changing my mind. The way I see my engineering career is it'll give me some financial stability while I get more experience performing and making more contacts in the industry.

Honestly though, if it weren't for my parents persuading me, I probably wouldn't have gone to college at all to begin with.
Only play what you hear. If you don’t hear anything, don’t play anything.
-Chick Corea