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no lol
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If riding BMX(Doing tricks on a child's bike) is considered keeping active, then yes.
I didn't even make it to the gym today. Too busy helping Grandma and my friends. Went for a swim last night though.
Occasional hockey and baseball. Work out twice a week. It's a mile walk to class.

Good enough.

EDIT- Swim a lot in the summer.
I voted yes. I'm a bit scrawny but I'm in overall good shape. I walk a lot and generally eat well.

The only 'real' exercises I get is my high school taekwondo class (the lame kind of taekwondo lol) and while it's not that great of a martial arts class it's good exercise if you actually do you what you're supposed as opposed to sitting out on long days like half of my class.
The only real exercise I get is from work, which keeps me in some kind of shape that isn't particularly round.
do you even active bro

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I try to be. I've been going out for runs every morning. I wish there was a gym closer to where I lived though.
Not at the minute. When the snow melts away, I'll be playing football 3 times a week though.
________ A
Yes, very

Walk to work
Physically demanding job
Hockey two nights a week
Light daily workouts, usually just some push-ups sit ups and a jog.
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no lol. my exercise is srly just walking to the bus stop, walking ti muh classes, and walking back to the bus stop.

i'm cool w the idea of tunning, but i'm self-cosncios and i don't want random ppl to see me running. it's weird. anyway, i'm skinny as ****, sometime sickly so depending on my diet for the week. maybe i should just eat more, but idk, because i have lots of trouble eating a lot of grub yanno.
The most active I've been was in ROTC. Which was waaaay back when.

And I used to play hacky sack with some friends in high school. And a bit by myself for a while. Now... Not anymore. But I'm gonna change that.

I know people wouldn't really classify it as a sport or a form of working out, but doing it for an hour non-stop a day is a good start for me, so whatevs.
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Workout 5 times a week. Fitness has become an important part of my life.
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I first read "do you find yourself atractive" so I was gonna answer yes but then no.
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Hellz yeah, I active all over the face of life. All over dat bitch
My God, it's full of stars!
Yes I love activities.
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Does walking 7 miles a day count?
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I do motorcross and trail bike riding on the weekends, squash, and lots of basketball. Bout to pick up going to the gym with friends after uni soon.

But I selected no. Cause I ain't done sh!t for about 3 months.. : ( I'm 6'4'' 75kg.. and have very small shoulders. I hate myself.
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My job requires me to stand and walk for 8 hours a day. So no, I don't keep myself active. My job does.
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I run, swim and lift

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For about a week and a half now. Feels good man.
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I get enough physical activity at work, "working out" isn't really that necessary
no. I should though. Or pick up meth.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
I've been working on strength training 3 to 4 days a week for the past 2+ years. I've recently started training pylos for CNS recruitment and speed as well, great fun and useful training for anybody who doesn't like to jog forever and stuff like that, but like to get a good rush.
I walk 45/50 mins to and from work everyday, but that's about it.
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Walk at least an hour a day, gym twice a week and judo twice a week. I'd say I keep pretty active
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