Hi folks,

I have played electric for about 8/9 years now and recently decided I wanna try Classical. Start from the top and do it properly (not just piss-arse about on a shitty nylon string that costs £20).
I have the opportunity to get one of the Yamaha NTX series guitars at a really good price (working at a Yamaha dealership certainly has its perks).

Has anyone tried these out? What are your opinions of them?
I am mainly looking at the NTX900 or NTX1200 (I would go for Rosewood back and sides on both of them).
I'm gonna get them on finance anyway so the cost isn't really a problem (the 900 over 9 months and the 1200 over 18 months would roughly work out the same) but I just wondered if the 1200 was worth the extra money? On paper the only difference is the neck wood, Nato on the 900 and African Mahogany on the 1200, but I am sure there are more differences in reality.

Any help is much appreciated!