Does anyone have this amp? Does it get loud?

I have a Crate V33 that I bought used a few months ago for my band. Now it's up in the air whether or not we're going to play again so I am looking to swap for something more practical.

However, I also want something I can use at band practice if I do need to in the future.

So I really like this amp, but I want to know if it can get loud enough to practice with a full band, even if its only 35 watts.
i have played some crush amps before, nothing really that impressive about them. i seriously doubt it'd out perform a Crate V33. looks like a parallel (or even bad) move to me.
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Probably not, as it's a solid state. Nothing against solid state amps, but it will be harder for it to cut through in a band situation, especially if you have a loud drummer. Miking it could help, but you're better off sticking with your Crate for band practice.

For home, however, yeah, CR35LDX is a pretty decent sounding amp. It's not necessarily as versatile as a Vypyr or Mustang, as it doesn't have amp models, but it sounds really great for crunch tones. If that's what you like, I would get it, and just keep both.