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Do you have any songs that remind you of a certain period of your life, or do you have a song that makes you cry everytime you hear it? Drop it here, and tell us the reason why

Mine is The Messenger by Linkin Park, it makes me cry everytime i hear it, because it reminds me of the time i was severely depressed and about to commit suicide because of of my ex-girlfriend/wife.
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Wow, that sucks.

When I hear Pitiful by Blindside, I think of Chex cereal. #realtalk
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Name by the Goo Goo Dolls, reminds me of a depressing time of my life
so does Postcard from 1952 by EITS

when I hear Blink182 I think of middle school.
same with U2
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The Boomtown Rats- Banana Republic.

Reminds me of when we first decided to build our bright future.


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Long Tall Sally by Little Richard. My absolute FAVORITE movie when I was 5 years old was Predator and I loved the helicopter scene. Whenever I hear that song it reminds me of that movie and the joy I had with it when I was a kid.
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nutshell and fall to pieces

i learned fall to pieces to teach my buddy after his daughter died

and what nutshell means to me... well thats only for me but it means more to me, emotionally or whatever, then almost anything else music or not
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i cum blood

reminds me of that one time
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Quote by Burgery
i cum blood

reminds me of that one time

Was it when you needed a new amp?

'Weakness' by Opeth helped me when I was dealing with a family crisis.

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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american
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Jane's Addiction Summertime Rolls. I used too associate it with an ex and every time I heard it, it would bring back all these bitter memories. It probably took me close to 10 years before I could listen to that song again.
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Jambi - Tool. Friend committed suicide, blah blah blah. If you're really interested check the link in my sig.
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Jambi - Tool. Friend committed suicide, blah blah blah. If you're really interested check the link in my sig.

I love your work
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The Moon and Antarctica by Modest Mouse - That album carried me through the death of my father.

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And I still rest on it when I carry a weary head.
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Strobe by Deadmau5. Haterz gon hate.
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soul to squeeze by rhcp was the song that made my interest in music skyrocket and made me pick up a guitar. first thing i learned how to play was that baseline

reckless abandon by blink-182 pretty much takes me back to the funnest times of my life, same deal with going away to college

then i have a bunch of songs that i can listen to that have helped me get my life back on track and give me my andrew-wk outlook on life back.. stuff like don't look back into the sun by the libertines, once upon a time by damn seagulls, float on by modest mouse and futures by jimmy eat world

also, i owe the gaslight anthem for releasing 45 over the summer when i couldn't get over this girl.. that song really really helped me move the **** on

i have sad feels songs but i don't feel like bringing out the sads so i won't
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lost my virginity to Santeria by Sublime.
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Not really albums for me, but artists/bands. What did it for me was Slayer, L.O.G., Clutch, The Black Keys, Misery Index, Gorillaz, B.R.M.C. and the Yeah,yeah,yeahs. Blasted alot of this stuff in Iraq and Afghanistan '05-'11. Kind of an odd mix, but I can't be brutal all the time. This stuff got me through some dark,violent days, but I loved every minute of it.
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Quote by Harvey Swick
lost my virginity to Santeria by Sublime.

harvey's back again yay
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Passion Pit- Take a Walk. Came on in the car just after I had to put my dog down. Much sadness. Then Taco Bell had to go and ****ing ruin it.
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Don't Stop Believing always reminds me of this summer camp I used to go to. And a girl from that camp. Paralyzer also reminds me of the same girl. (I know Don't Stop Believing is super over played and yada yada yada, I still like it. Good memories.)

Relient K's Five score and seven years ago reminds me of 8th grade.
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Hope Leaves by Opeth. It sounds like a depressing song by the song title but I remember it always just because of how vivid the moment I first heard it is in my brain. It was like a floodgate of the possibilities of how music can make someone feel just opened and washed over me

Comin' Home by Dallas Green (City & Colour) is another, simply because it makes me feel like its 2008 again, and each time I hear it I remember that time and realise no matter how hard I want it, no matter what I do, time keeps on going and it will never be that time of my life ever again. Sounds like a real 'teenage angst' thing to say but I'm dealing with growing up very badly. Same goes for a lot of Alexisonfire's songs too. I don't really care if anyone thinks Alexis is a shit band, they were a huge (HUGE) part of my adolescent life and their recent break-up made me face the reality of getting older before I was ready to accept it.

Yes I know I sound silly.

Its amazing the effect music can have on your life and the memories of a certain time.
I hope something like this happens to me when I am in old age.

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Quote by Harvey Swick
lost my virginity to Santeria by Sublime.

Pretty much this.

Octopus's Garden. No idea what it meant, and still don't, but for some reason always helped me sleep as a kid.
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Jimi Hendrix's cover of All Along The Watchtower always reminds of summers of the past as its a great upbeat song. Whether it was at a barbeque or driving with friends on a summers evening.

On a more negative note, most Alice In Chains songs remind me of when I was quite depressed, making things hard for myself and then drinking heavily. Would? Angry Chair and Nutshell standing out the most.

Oh and Something In The Way by Nirvana
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It's not specific songs but I do find a lot of songs by The Beatles and Dashboard Confessional that can hit me pretty hard and have me thinking about someone. Other than that, Blackbird by Alter Bridge makes me tear up a little on the solo because it's just so beautiful and soulful and then impacts.
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let's just forget
everything we said
everything we did
best friends and better halves

so let's just pretend
everything and anything
between you and me
was neveeeeeer meaaaaant
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Eriatarka by the Mars Volta. It was the song that made me really open up to them as a band, and expand my musical horizons in turn. They got me into Prog-Rock, and stuff like Led Zepplin, Rush, Frank Zappa. They all inspired me to want to be more than a guitarist, or drummer, I wanted to be a musician.

Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix. It was the first song I ever learned how to play on guitar. Also, it was the song I listened to the first time I got high.

The band Interpol reminds me of that summer when I first started smoking weed. I used to listen to them constantly.

Hole in the Earth and Beauty School by Deftones reminds me of this school year where I was really depressed and my mental health issues became really prominent. I missed school constantly, and whenever I went I would mumble out loud to these voices in my head, kids thought I was weird. I started listening to the Deftones a lot, and those two songs inspired me to paint these pictures and write a short story about them. I showed it to this teacher who was really interested in me, and in the end I won an art contest. My mental health has been going uphill since. Now, it's manageable enough as long as I report to my psychologist on a regular basis.

EDIT: The album Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence got me through a bad breakup with my psycho ex-girlfriend. I've mentioned her in the Relationship thread. That anger gave me the courage to sing the song I wrote to her, giving her my last F*** You before I moved.
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A good friend of mine had introduced me to Ben Harper and trusted me to help her with her music exam, i haven't seen her in a couple years and honestly every time i hear Amen Omen i get on the verge of crying.
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I do that as little as possible. No reason, it just doesn't happen.

Though whenever I hear Drones by Rise Against, I remember playing warthog wars in Halo 2 on Blood Gulch because that's what I had playing. Oh gosh that was fun.
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Have faith in me - ADTR reminds me of one of my best friends, it's his favorite song. Also Pressure by Paramore reminds me of the band I used to play in and my ex, since she was the vocalist for the band.
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The Noose by the Offspring. I remember driving round on shitty country roads with my best mate blasting that song. Makes me feel all nostalgic and such, and that I'm a horrible person for not calling my friends from school more.
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Music generates feelings that are unbelievable... its good to hear im not the only one who sometimes is on the edge of crying when i hear a certain song :p