Eyz new here,

Trying to figure out how to set Guitar Link and the programs that are associated with it so I can use my PC as an amp.
I'm running Vista.
So I have this Guitar Link interface. Download Guitar Rig 3 from Naive instruments, Have ASIO4 ALL, downloaded Audacity as well and am using the Behringer.
MDI/Audio settings are ASIO driver, Behringer as Device Audio.

I am not sure if I am suppose to run the Behringer speaker setting or the PC High Def speaker setting from the "sound" icon in the control panel.

I have the headphone jack on the Guitar Link going to my speakers.

It appears on Guitar Rig that it sees an input reading on the top level when I play the guitar but, nothing shows that it's coming out either a reading on the level or via the speakers.

I am indeed highly confused.

Can I even do what I want to do?

Any help to make sense out of this would be appreciated

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