Anyone have a Ibanez TS9 modded by Robert Keeley? If so, what do think of it? Was the mod worth the money?
get a hardwire CM-2 it is basically a moded TS from the factory.
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I Keeley modded my Boss Blues Driver, really impressed. Was worth it for me.
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i LOVE my keeley ts9, it rarely leaves my board...

i have a few ts9 pedals, i use them all differently. i have my keeley set full gain at all times and use it to get both rhythm tone and i stack it with either my boost pedal or another ts9 set as a clean boost. i will say that the keeley isn't all that great for a clean boost, but like i said i dimed the gain on it and just leave it. it has a very different voice than say an Analogman one. If you're up for getting a really great od pedal and already have a ts9 then give it a shot
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
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I know it may seem stupid to ask the question after the fact. But I bought a used ts9 reissue on eBay and the day after I received it, I sent it to Keeley to be modded. Hoping to have it by the end of next week. Thank you for the replies.
Yes it's worth the money. Take the pedal to whole new level.
I do the mods he lists but his more/less mod isn't really right. The bass mod is good though - if you don't like the way a ts9 cuts the bass that is.
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Got the TS9 back from Keeley. Sounds good. I'm pleased with it. I ended up getting another TS9 on eBay. It is a maxon made re-issue and I had it modded by Modest Mike. Sounds almost identical to Keeley modded pedal, which is an Inanez made reissue. I thought the maxon would be a little better in quality, but they're about the same.