It was about sugar daddies and the amount of students that use this website that connects them. It turns out my university has the highest number of sugar girls or whatever you call them earning money for tuition and everything else. I admit I made a profile so I can recognize any familiar faces.
I'm not sure if I look down on this sort of thing or if it's actually a smart idea. On one hand they earn money and they just hang out with a guy for a while. They do whatever the girl consents to. On the other hand, it seems to me to be on the same level of stripping for tuition. You wouldn't want to be caught doing this.
It got me thinking, I would try this because of the money factor.

So I guess the question is, would you do this sort of thing?

And they're called sugar babies. Eventually you have to put out for an old man or get your benefits cut.
Can't knock the hustle.
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They're pretty cool but always end up making my mouth sticky.
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Hanging out with women who pay for it?

I'd do it for free

unless I'm an idiot who's not getting the full picture

Men pay women to hang out with them.

More power to them.
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I forgot
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