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The first show I went to was Muse in 2010, which was great. The first band I saw was Silversun Pickups, and they were pretty good.


My biggest regret is selling tickets for Muse on April 2nd, 2010 at KeyArena...

I am not making that mistake again. I'm seeing them next Friday, February 1st.
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man, I'm so sad I made this thread now after seeing those shake shack burgers. I would buy an extra just to fuck it while I eat its siblings. then i'd eat that one too.

I am so sorry for my mother's "escapades"...
That I remember?

The Seldom Scene at a botanical garden near me.

It was pretty awesome. Doug Aldrich is one hell of a dobro player.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

The first time I really went to a concert was a small local community centre show when I was 13.

Hats Off, Gentlemen (an emo/ screamo band, the real sort too; they apparently started as a Saetia cover band), and Masquerade of Silence (Technical Death Metal band, had some ****ing chops). And maybe one or two other bands I forgot.

I live in a pretty dull suburb south of Vancouver, so this tiny little recreation room packed with people and loud music was an experience that literally floored me (a fat emo kid fell on me, I was 120 lbs at the time and my right leg was done for about a week. srs). Lots of moshing and chaos for Hats Off, and I was one of the few people who stayed for Masquerade (there is just no appreciation for technical death metal in an Asian upper class suburbia )

five years later, not much of that... me and my mates actually just went to that same community centre and watched a pretty uninspiring pop/ rock trio (midi drums from the keyboard, we were about to leave when that hit...), a damn good and very young post rock group, and a straight up punk band that was loads of fun. Very small turnout though, the music scene in this city is just too damn weak because there's just no support. Thankfully, tons of great musicians play in Vancouver, an hour drive at most or a few bus rides.
I think the first concert I remember is Good Charlotte, my cousin had an extra ticket and invited me. Needless to say I quickly learned what music is not.
grok it.


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I live in San Ysidro (by Jemez), but I go to school in Rio and I'm down there most of the time. And yeah I will, I've never been there.

please do. We got some hella good acts coming through in a bit.

and one of my bands' tour kick off is on the thirteenth, and itd be sweet if you made it out :3
I saw a bunch of local artists before I specifically went TO SEE a real band. The first real band, in that case, would be Demon Hunter. And it was still probably the best show I've been to yet. Awaiting something to top it.
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My first concert was G3, So John Petrucci first, Steve Vai second, Joe Satriani last and they jammed at the end ofcourse.

Yes, it was a brilliant day.
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The whole Ozzfest 2007 lineup.

seems impossible to see the 'whole' lineup.....
Misery Index. Followed by Breed 77 and Fear Factory.

Enjoyed all except Breed, and I'm not sure why.
Moonspell. The concert was ok, too bad their music sucks and they're sellout whores.

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Misery Index. Followed by Breed 77 and Fear Factory.

Enjoyed all except Breed, and I'm not sure why.

You fucking asshole. I hate you.

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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
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blink 182... i was 12.

"Music is a language of emotion. It informs our words with FEELING, and doesn't need to be learned.. It's visceral and innate" - Jason Silva
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Frank Zappa, I was a kid, now I'm old & he's really old
Yeah, he looks as if he has no more flesh on his bones.
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Lighthouse Family when I was 8/9.

The first one I payed my own money to go see was Alkaline Trio.
Kinesis. They were supporting Linkin Park. As were Lost Prophets.

I believe this was November 25th 2003. I was 14.

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Poison! Well technically Vains of Jenna and Ratt first... But yeah. XD I went through a hair metal phase in 7th grade.
Dillinger Escape Plan supporting System of a Down. I think it was 2000, maybe 2001.
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

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The first popular band I saw live was Journey in 09 when I was 17. Not a fan of them, just wanted to see what concerts are like. Haven't gone to many concerts since. Hate em.
I went on a class trip to the grand ole opry, so my first concert was technically a group of country singers I did not care for. But my first concert that I willingly went to was the Kooks and Death Cab For Cutie.


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Avenged Sevenfold, although the first band I saw was their opener, Corroded. Both were great.

My first mosh-style concert was Uproar 2011.

My first mosh-style band was Bullet for my Valentine, then Seether, then Three Days Grace, then Avenged Sevenfold.

Avenged Sevenfold puts on a bad ass show.

You are lucky.
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man, I'm so sad I made this thread now after seeing those shake shack burgers. I would buy an extra just to fuck it while I eat its siblings. then i'd eat that one too.

I am so sorry for my mother's "escapades"...
First band I saw: Green Day
First music artist I saw: Spice Girls
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M. Night Shyamallama

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311. Not a bad first concert.

Not at all. They put on a great show from what I hear and Youtube. My brother's saw them a bunch of times but I was too young for concerts so I never actually got to see them And now I don't really have a desire to see them.

OT: Citizen Cope was the first band I actually remember seeing, except I guess he's not really a band. First band was A Perfect Circle. Now that was a hell of a concert.
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First band I ever saw in a proper gig situation, Wishbone Ash when I was fourteen. Classic rock at its finest.

However, my parents took me to all kinds of music festivals as a baby and young kid so my first band was probably whatever was headlining Glastonbury in 1987.
The first "real" band was Stone Sour at Rock am Ring in 2006. Followed by Alice in Chains, Dir En Grey, Deftones, Korn, Tool and Dredg on a side-stage.

That was the most musically awesome day of my life, and has yet to be topped.
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Radiohead. First band I saw. Beat that.

2nd band I saw, only just last year. ****ing amazing show btw. First band was technically Linkin Park, not counting Dead Letter Circus who opened. I thought it was pretty great at the time, but I've grown out of that phase (thankfully). Don't get to see many shows as I don't really have any income and bands tend to not come to Australia very often.
first band would of been one of the many melbourne based blues bands, don't remember who though.
first actual big band I saw was AC/DC.
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