Let me preface this by saying, I haven't written poetry or posted on UG in about a year. Nothing has inspired me to that extent, I guess. In light of recent events, however, I've gotten back into song writing and lyrics.
This piece i wrote the lyrics for in about 20 minutes. As far as poetry goes, it's very free verse. On the lyrical side, it's Bright Eyes inspired. Conversational and a little disjointed. There's no hook and the rhythm is really unpredictable, but given the subject, I guess that makes sense. So here it is, "Golden Gravel." (I'm not very good at coming up with interesting names, obviously)

You ever held something so beautiful
In the palm of your hand that
When you look at it, all else seems to
Fade away completely?
Like, what you have right here
Right now
Is all you’ll ever need?
And this is weird for you because considering your past
Your messed up family and the mistakes you’ve made,
The amount of trust you don’t actually possess,
Being happy just seemed like something OTHER people talk about.
You’ve never seen it but you believe in it until you see the truth
Until you get hurt and realize that Santa isn’t real.
Or until you go out into the world and realize
No God would start a war or drown his people or say loving who you love
Is the greatest of all sins.
And Eve never ate a poisoned apple because the witch in the tree
Was jealous of her nakedness.
All digressions aside,
This gold you have in your hands is so beautiful
And so rare and so fulfilling it’s all you think about.
You find yourself sleeping with it under your pillow
And taking it out of your pocket just to admire its rarity and shine.
One day, you take it out in the middle of a storm because you’re scared
And you just need something real to hold onto.
But the rain, falling from the sky
Falling from your eyes,
Gets the gold wet.
And you realize, this gold you’ve been holding onto so tightly
Is nothing but a rock, a piece of everyday gravel,
Painted a pretty color.